goddamnit gramps what the fuck does that even mean


Anonymous SENT: dey tuk our memes!


August 30 2014
bruhtters SENT: * parumsororum

"Karen, my youngest kid. I th-*hic*-ink she takes after her mother personality-wise, and Lord knows she’s gonna… gonNA grow up to be somethin’ amazin’. I love Karen, a-and if anyone wants ‘er hand in marriage, they have’ta go through me. I’ll have you knOW, I’ve got a rifle stashed away somewhere, and if anyone hurts ‘er, I’ll hurt ‘em—*hic*—twice as much.”

Anonymous SENT: *carolmccormick

M-My wife, Carol, she’s—*hic*…she’s such a fuckin’ bitch sometimes. She’s this dangerous storm; the wildest tornado, she knows how’ta destroy me. Buu—*hic*-t, I love ‘er. I love ‘er so muUch,  and I couldn’t live without ‘er. Fuck, she’s beautiful.”

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